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Garlic Scapes & Pasta

Garlic Scapes & Pasta *No arugula on the farm this week? Try substituting other greens like escarole, collards, dandelions, or kale. Return to Recipe Main Page

Roasted Pac Choi with Garlic Scapes

Pac Choi or Bok Choy or anywhere in between, spell it as  you please and preheat the oven to 425. Seen here is the garlic in its domesticated habitat. Hardneck […]

How to store fresh herbs

To start on a low note, dried basil has to be about the saddest ingredient you can add to a dish.  I can fill a room with the scent of […]

Beer Soup, and more

So let’s say it’s a Monday in Rochester, New York and you open your fridge and there before your eyes are the beers that your friend brought over on Friday […]