Enka:ri Farm is home and hangout to innumerable creatures. Both cultivated and wild plantings offer shade, shelter, and food to birds and bugs who just drop in or spend a lifetime here.

Hazelnut shrubs are a safe place to build a spring nest.

Hello, Welcome, Shé:kon.
My name is Jennie and I practice indigenous land stewardship on Haudenosaunee Land in Western New York. In 2017 I founded Enka:ri Farm on 30 acres of fields and forest, where I’m building a diverse and sustainable ecology in stark contrast to the neighboring fields of conventional corn & soy and encroaching upscale suburban development. 

Enka:ri is a Kanien’keha (Mohawk) word meaning ‘it will ripen,” for the faith and patience inherent to farming. Our cultivated gardens for the business side of things follow the foraging principle that we should use no more than 1/3 of what we’ve ‘found.’ So, these gardens are surrounded by wildflower-filled meadows which welcome bugs and birds and snakes and burrowers. 

The main field space is edged by forest on 3 sides; marsh hawks swoop by; herons coast over, and deer tip toe in for their crepuscular snacking. 

Hazelnut and aronia berry shrubs at Enka:ri are safe nesting places for goldfinches, redwing blackbirds, and many others in spring.

No-till farming maintains safe ground for our native bees who burrow below the surface.

And alas, not one of these creatures throws a dime at my bottom line. After all I do for them, imagine the brazenness of the freeloading fox! 

Friends, I kid. In all seriousness though, your support of this work helps with land management costs: equipment, property taxes, native perennial plant purchases, and the like. 

Let’s protect these species and their habitats. Thank you! 

CSA membership is one wonderful way to support the continuity of the farm. If you are interested in financially supporting the farm outside of CSA membership, consider a onetime or recurring donation to the farm.


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