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To apply, send resume and brief letter of interest to Farmer Jennie:

Event Coordinator, Marketer

Date Posted: 2/20/2022
Position Type: This is a part-time, temporary, contract position; hybrid remote / in-person

Duration: April 1 – June 17, 2023, with potential for extension.

Marketing: Identify, contact, and lock in outlets for our delicious crops and lovely flowers.

Events: You’ll work directly with head farmer Jennie to develop, plan, market, and coordinate on-farm events.

Some knowledge of agritourism industry and trends preferred.  This is primarily administrative but, in all likelihood, will require getting in the dirt a bit, too.


Date Posted: 2/20/2023
Position Type: Part-time, seasonal employment

Duration: Mid-May  – Late September (somewhat weather dependent); Weekday, weekend, and evening shifts available

Responsibilities: Assist with fieldwork – plant, cultivate, harvest, process, deliver.

fast-paced work environment; physically demanding and somewhat repetitive labor – Farmwork offers both endless novelty as well as monotony, we strive to avoid extremes of task fatigue.


Date Posted: 2/20/2023
Position Type: Part-time, seasonal apprenticeship
Number of openings: 2 at any given time throughout the season. Email for current availability.

Duration: Rolling: Mid-April – Late October, minimum 2 months

Description: This is an educational opportunity for aspiring farmers. No experience required; must have a strong desire to learn about ecologically-based agricultural methods; Apprentices will have the opportunity to design a project on the farm with mentorship and some resources from the farm, while learning about farming as a career or homesteading / land stewardship as a lifestyle choice.  Rustic housing opportunities are available on the farm.


Additionally, land is available here for beginning farmers with an independent project in mind.
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