Enjoy some photos from the farm.


The cutest natural drinking trough I ever did see.


Just a raw slaw of red cabbage, carrots, and carrot tops tossed with red wine vinegar, garlic, salt and lemon juice. Keepin’ it simple.


Zoom in on nature. Zoom out on your problems 😉




Lupine will forever remind me of travels in the Araucanía region of Chile.  I stayed on a homestead with an ‘hospedaje’, like a bed and breakfast, and helped with weeding and tending to the greenhouse. The roadsides were covered with wild lupine as far as the eye could see.


companion planting

Marigolds supposedly keep pests away from onions and other plants. I don’t buy it but I love their bright blossoms, variety in the garden, and their pungent stinky smell. I have been saving seeds for several seasons, many generations in plant life. I like the term ‘companion plants’ but I strongly prefer to call them ‘buddies’!



There are a lot of hazelnut shrubs planted, but I’ve yet to win against the deer. During the main season, the deer are preoccupied with better things, but in the spring they really love to come nibble all the tips of the hazelnut shrubs. This I blame for my lack of hazelnut harvest year after year. I’m devising a plan for the coming year. You’ll see.



How many times is too many times that a farmer can bring caprese salad to the summer gathering? The mozzarella tree is just blooming so hard right now.




cosmo field

It’s just my monocrop of cosmo blossoms.


fried taters with homemade ketchup

Okay, fried potatoes is not an exciting dinner. Lacking a bit of diversity. A little carb-heavy I suppose. But homemade ketchup added on and now we’re talking.


walking onions

Three generations of Egyptian Walking Onions.


fields left wild

Goldenrod, aster, blue vervain, what else do you see?


Attempts at Korean style sushi – kimbap with tofu, sweet potato, shredded carrot.



The swallowtail butterflies love the wild areas of the farm. Here seen sipping on some milkweed.


Wild autumn olive berries grow along the field edges. Great snacks for me and the chickens.