About the Farm:

Founded in the final hours of 2017, Enka:ri Farm rests on undulating waves of delicious sandy loam in Marion, NY.

Enka:ri, pronounced /en gaaa ri / is Mohawk for “it will ripen;” for the faith and patience inherent to farming.

The farm follows Organic and sustainable principles; the farmer knows no other way! We grow ‘slow and steady’ following nature’s pace with 2-3 acres in fruit and vegetable production, a large meadow, and 12 acres of woodland. Read more about our conservation work in progress here. Produce and eggs are available through our Membership program with both downtown and on-farm pick-up locations.

Check out a long scroll of pictures from the farm in the gallery.


A variety of fruit and vegetables are available for members during the main season. We patiently nurture a grove of  fruit and nut trees and shrubs which will hum along for 2-5 years before producing a harvest of sweet treats. A small flock of hens peck around, turn sunshine into breakfast, and serve as Jennie’s spirit animal.

busy little foragers

About the Farmer:

Jennie returned to her native Western NY in 2015 after 100 years of wander and wonder. Following a degree in Public Health from Rutgers University,  a teaching gig in Morocco, and then some typical J-O-Bs, Jennie pursued farming as a way to learn and travel; she & dirt immediately clicked. Since 2010 she’s been volunteering, apprenticing, and managing farms of all different sizes, structures, and soils in FL, MI, NJ, CT, HI, NY, and Chile. She once heard a wise woman say, “Even a bird needs its nest,” and returning to roost in Rochester-ish was an easy decision to be near family. When she’s not farming, you’ll find Jennie reading, running, or wondering aloud.

Read  what’s new  or check out the photo gallery to learn more about the farm, the farmer, and other things you didn’t know you didn’t know.  There are many ways to get involved with the farm.


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