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Top 5 Nonfiction Reads

Top 5 Nonfiction Reads   Ishmael by Daniel Quinn This is one of the very few books I’ve read more than once. A well-told story with a Socratic style, the […]

Radish Salsa

Ever been told, “you’re blander than a grocery store radish” ? Good, me neither. Radishes are a spring favorite in the garden.  While they’re quick and easy to grow, and […]

chopped vegetables

Fried Rice Recipe

Dried up old rice in the fridge. Why’d you make such a big batch, fool? All that good food going to waste… Never again! I have at least four ideas […]

dandelions with mac & cheese

Embrace Your Lazy

Yes, this is your farmer speaking. I’d love to tell you I eat only fresh local or homegrown organic healthy this and and that fairtrade nonGMO but listen, I’m not […]