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Category: Recipe

Cowboy Quinoa Dip

I was scrolling through old drafts just for kicks, to see what crazy ideas I’ve had bobbling around in my little red head and found this one with only the […]

Veggie Fry Cakes

Veggie Fry Cakes Sometimes when you’re farming you find a daikon radish so big you think you’ll never have to look for food again. You immediately start thinking about all […]

Spring Roll Recipe

Spring Roll Recipe A misnomer for sure, spring rolls can be made all year long with ingredients from every season. Once you master the rice paper soak, you’re so golden. […]

I only know two recipes

I only know two recipes Pancakes, and a loaf of bread. These are the 2 recipes I know by heart. And honestly, it’s been awhile since I made bread; I’d […]