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Category: Farm life

dandelion greens

4 ways I’m saving money right now

Since I started farming, I’ve nearly always had some side hustles to fund the dream, and I’ve really come to love the noncommittal ‘gig life.’ When I hear about an […]

Robin – March Employee of the Month

Today we honor Robin as Enka:ri Farm’s March Employee of the Month. On a frosty March morning, when I’ve rolled open the barn doors but am feeling too cold to […]

Lean in

  So you want to be a butterfly? Lean in little caterpillar, listen closely. I’ll share the secret my grandmother whispered to me through the wind. You must find a […]

Top 5 Nonfiction Reads

Top 5 Nonfiction Reads   Ishmael by Daniel Quinn This is one of the very few books I’ve read more than once. A well-told story with a Socratic style, the […]