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Category: Farm life

Rain – April Employee of the Month

Today we salute you, Rain. You are indespensible to our operation and we’d be lost without your dedication to the work we do. Rain Our April Employee of the Month […]

dandelion greens

4 ways I’m saving money right now

Since I started farming, I’ve nearly always had some side hustles to fund the dream, and I’ve really come to love the noncommittal ‘gig life.’ When I hear about an […]

Robin – March Employee of the Month

Today we honor Robin as Enka:ri Farm’s March Employee of the Month. On a frosty March morning, when I’ve rolled open the barn doors but am feeling too cold to […]

Lean in

  So you want to be a butterfly? Lean in little caterpillar, listen closely. I’ll share the secret my grandmother whispered to me through the wind. You must find a […]