Robin – March Employee of the Month

Today we honor Robin as Enka:ri Farm’s March Employee of the Month.

On a frosty March morning, when I’ve rolled open the barn doors but am feeling too cold to set down my coffee mug and move about, I see Robin. He greets me lovingly as he swoops in and hops about with that untiring positive attitude. It’s contagious; I can’t help but smile, greet him in return, and do my best to start my own little swoops and hops about my duties.

I asked Robin his take on punctuality to which he responded, “If you’re not early, you’re late!”

Not only is Robin the first one clocking in every morning, he gets right down to business, you won’t catch him reading the paper over a cup of coffee as seems to be the status quo these days. There’s work to be done, and Robin leads the way energetically, chirping in his famously sing-song way as he goes. I asked Robin his secret to being so joyful on the job.  He looked at me with great intention and said,  “To love life through work is to be intimate with life’s inmost secret.” As I paused in awe of this wise token, Robin smiled and informed me that it’s a quote from his favorite book, The Prophet  by Kahlil Gibran

Robin, I’m grateful for you. My world is better with your song in it. Thank you for all you do.

Now if you’ll all follow me to the barn, we will celebrate Robin with dirt cake and coffee.


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