Lean in


So you want to be a butterfly?
Lean in little caterpillar, listen closely. I’ll share the secret my grandmother whispered to me through the wind.
You must find a place that is not disturbed by man’s rush for more more more.
More control, more money, more stuff.

Find a place where the natural rhythms still prevail. Where you can listen to your thoughts and hear your own mouth chomping on a frond of dill. Where you can hear a bird singing, if only for the warning that Mama Wren may be swooping in to gobble you up.
There may be humans there, but in a good space the humans are mindful enough to be on the lookout for a little bugger like you or me, and may gently relocate you to another delicious dill if they’ve gone and cut the frond you were nibbling on. Good luck little one. Eat up, chomp chomp, see you in the sky!


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