Embrace Your Lazy

Yes, this is your farmer speaking. I’d love to tell you I eat only fresh local or homegrown organic healthy this and and that fairtrade nonGMO but listen, I’m not perfect and I’m not going to be any time soon.  Join me, accept it, and make a strategy for lazy days… with the possibility that today could be one of ’em.

Box Mac & Cheese

dandelions with mac & cheese
dandelions & garlic scapes with mac & cheese
  This is my favorite guilty lazy meal. But I feel better, and stretch the meal further when I … Add veggies! While the pasta is in the colander, add the butter to the hot pan. Once it has melted, chop up and toss in any of the following: -greens (kale, collard, dandelion, chard) -snow or  sugar snap peas -green beans -garlic scapes or scallions -peppers -broccoli -you get the idea.

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