With Gratitude


During an intimate fireside gathering with friends toasting champagne to each others’ accomplishments, our hostess asks me if I need a pitchfork. Well I have one, but one can hardly have too many pitchforks. She leaves the room, goes up and down stairs, passes through again saying, “I’ve had this one set aside for you,” eventually returning with fork, ribbon, and a dibbler, which she bowtie bundles before handing over to me. The others chuckle and tease that the fork comes ‘dirt included,’ but I’m touched; this gift is just my style. The gesture says my friend was thinking of me, wanting to contribute to my new endeavor; the tool tells me she knows and respects my appreciation for thrift and utility; the intact dirt speaks to her comfort with my unconventionality. Thank you dear friend!


Merry Scary


On Christmas morning I shuffled into my mom’s house and kicked off my snowy boots. I noticed a giant scarecrow laying on the couch, covered up to its neck with a blanket and thought nothing of it. The grandkids are here, surely they tucked in this scarecrow last night before heading off to bed themselves.

Alas, to my surprise, this was a gift for me, ‘wrapped up’ and ready to go to the farm. Of all the items on the checklist to ready the farm for spring: seeds, tools, irrigation… the vital resident scarecrow hadn’t even crossed my mind. Thankfully, mom was focused on the details, and I pity the crow who dares come near this formidable beast.

I did tell everyone present not to be surprised if, come busy July, I borrow these overalls sometime when I run out of clean pants…