My first season interning on a production farm, I absolute dreaded making bouquets for market. I felt like the gals I worked with were so much better at it and I would have rather been back outside in the field with the veggies. Well, fast forward a few years, and Jamie, my co-intern there built herself a business with an impressive online following out of her amazing eye for flower arranging  (Chatterblossom)… so I wasn’t wrong to think I was the meek one in the pack.

This season I decided to try adding bouquets as an option to the CSA membership and I’m surprised both at how much members enjoy getting them and how much I enjoy making them.

Many of the flowers here are planted for this purpose but I also pick some wild flowers from the field to add in. Much of the field is left to grow into wild meadow, so there are plenty of flowers to pick from; to be sure, I pass up the first sighted, never take more than a third, and always leave some for the rest of the creature community and plenty to reseed next year.


I’m expanding the flower plot next year and planning to step up my dahlia game…

I’m accepting input for flowers to add to the bouquet garden… any ideas?


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