It’s funny

I heard a joke on NPR this morning. A reporter gave a customer in a middle America diner a moment to share this gem on air: What’s the difference between a puppy and a farmer? Answer: A puppy eventually grows up and stops whining. I got a good laugh out of it. Sure, it’s stressful to be a farmer sometimes, but every year, I weigh the options, and for almost a decade now I’ve been making the same choice day after day, year after year.
We work with wild card weather every year. Perhaps you’ve seen the tremendous amount of corn sitting in fields across the region right now, unable to be harvested. A mid summer drought turned into a very wet fall, abruptly ended by an early frigid onset. It’s unpredictable and at times heartbreaking but I never doubt the choice to keep farming, and I try to keep the whining to a whisper.
Here it is now at the turn of December; that’s a year in the books for Enka:ri Farm! People ask me frequently if it’s just me on the farm. Even though it’s just my name on the paperwork, I always respond giving credit to everyone who has supported the farm this year: family, friends, and strangers I hadn’t met yet. Thank you thank you thank you. But I’m getting soft on ya here.
Well I think it was a good inaugural year. I’m very process-driven, always looking to tweak, shift, question, and improve. The farm is only going to get better year after year. I’ve made a couple changes to the CSA for 2019 and I hope you’ll approve.
– I’ve lowered the minimum join-in to 8 weeks, maximum is 18.
-You can choose any number of weeks from 8-18. I noticed some folks struggling to get to pick-up with the school year starting.
-There will really be pick up on the farm on Wednesdays. (I’m open to adding another pick-up site on another day in another suburb/city area/farmers market, contact me with thoughts/ideas).
-One size share, similar to the “basket” share this year, with option to buy additional items during pick-up at member price.
2019 sign up is available: .
Full memberships are discounted for a limited time! Payment plans (i.e. deposits) are available by request. Just get in touch.

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