Top Five Recipes to Ring in the New Year

Big plans for NYE?

Just kidding. Staying home may be calmer and quieter than years past, but it definitely does NOT have to be bland. Why not hit the kitchen and whip up some delicious snacks to nibble on till midnight and beyond? Get ready for Fireworks of Flavor!  Too ridiculous?  Let’s move on.

Here are my hand-picked recipes to ring in the new year with flavor. Count it down to midnight with me…

Top Five Recipes to Ring in the New Year

5. Baked Tofu Nuggets

They’re kinda sorta healthy-ish. Whatever, the New Years Resolutions start tomorrow.

Sweet and salty Ritz cracker crumbles coat these bites and dipping is highly recommended.


4. Veggie Fry Cakes

What’s in your crisper? Probably something you can shred up and add to a veggie fry cake.

Broccoli Fry Cake



3. Tahini Dip

Whatchu got to dip in it? Chips work, but fresh veggies are highly recommended here. Broccoli, carrots, peas. If you can dip it, dip it.

tahini sauce
Tahini Dip

2. Delicata Squash

I might include this one on every top five list, but so what? Delicata’s just that good.

half-moons on the pan


1. Cowboy Quinoa

It makes a great  warm dip for those slightly salty tortilla chips.


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