Top 5 Fall Recipes

If you’ve been eating with the seasons, here in New York the time is ripe for warm, earthy comfort foods. Lots of kitchen hours and oven time: baking, roasting, caramelizing.

Now won’t you please grab yourself a blankie and join me on the couch for a top 5 list of fall recipes?


1. Roasted Delicata

half-moons on the pan

Delicata squash is just such an amazing treat. It’s so sweet and so easy to prepare. Great as an appetizer or on a salad, like a little sunshine on a rainy autumn day.


2.  Spinach & Scallion Pancakes

Spinach and scallions are both back in season this time of year. And pancakes for dinner are always in season. A smooth savory dip is included with the recipe, don’t skip the dip!

3. Roasted Beets

Warm roasted beets on a salad with feta!? Yes please. Sometimes you just need to check a recipe page to remember the oven temp and time. This is one of those I still have to look back at from time to time, HA!


4. French Toast Bake with Apples

What says “Autumn in New York” more than apples? I want this every weekend, dripping in real NY maple syrup.


5. Mustard Greens & Beans

I know it doesn’t have to be mustards but I’m on a soul-saving mission to sell mustard greens and I don’t fully understand it myself. Whatever the greens, warm, brothy, savory soupness is quite welcome at my dinner table this time of year.





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