Every day the farm gets a little bit dreamier. I’ve been hard at work on lots of bits and pieces: planting trees and hedgerows, building a greenhouse, cleaning up the left behinds from prior owners, disking and planting the fields for this year’s crops, the list goes on.

This week though, after months of planning, researching, learning,  purchasing a million little pieces, and many hours of labor (not my own),  I plugged in a light in the barn and turned it on. No big deal, just another day with lights from volts and amps. No. Big. Deal.

The end.


Oh my goodness, just kidding, it is a big deal because it’s solar power, renewable energy, light at night from sun in the day! What!? It’s amazing, and I can’t take any credit for it because I already stated what I know about it : watts = volts x amps.

I’m indebted  a galaxy for this solar system.


Check out those panels in the sun!! Swoon!









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