Cool crisp crunchy salads

Hot summer nights after long days in the sun call for cool crisp crunchy bowls of veggies.

The guidelines are pretty basic:

  • Toss some crunchy veggies together.
  • Add some fresh herbs here, some dry spices there.
  • Splash with a vinegar of your choice (red wine and apple cider are my top ‘go to’ picks).
  • Add a little extra virgin olive oil and salt, perhaps a splish of lemon juice.
  • Additionally, sometimes (usually) red onion and garlic are called for.
  • These salads tend to be best when left to chill for at least 1-2 hours.

Here’s a delicious bowl from this week:


Red cabbage, carrots, and carrot tops tossed with a garlic and red wine vinegar-based dressing.

Yes, carrot tops. Carrots are in the same flavor-filled plant family as parsley, dill, cilantro, fennel… so their tops bring that yum. They are a little bit tough if you try to eat them straight dry out of the garden, but letting them set in the dressing for an hour or so tenderizes them to the perfect salad texture.

Keep it simple. Stay crunchy. Enjoy!


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