Dandelion – May Employee of the Month

A meal for the mouth and a treat for the eyes, today we honor the worthy dandelion whose beauty and nourishment enrich the existence of all the creatures here at Enka:ri Farm.

“Dandelion, I’m hungry,” says I, the farmer.

And Dandelion gives its leaves, for which I am thankful.

“Dandelion, I’m hungry, too,” says the bee.

And Dandelion gives its pollen, for which a whole hive is thankful.

“Dandelion, I’m sad,” I say. “It’s been a long winter and a chilling spring.”

And a field of Dandelions respond each with a bright yellow blossom, blessing my soul with their beautiful display.

“Dandelion, I’m hopeful,” says a child.

And Dandelion gives its feathery head, holding itself together by only the waiting of a wish, for a child to breathe a dream into the wind.





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