Beer Soup, and more

So let’s say it’s a Monday in Rochester, New York and you open your fridge and there before your eyes are the beers that your friend brought over on Friday and for some reason they were not consumed, all weekend long. That some reason is that they unpalatable fermented river water and nobody wants to drink them, and your friend is not a good friend for passing them off on you.

You could shuffle them around the leftovers and condiments for the next several months; I know you’re trying to be more “green” so you don’t want to throw them out. And while you could save them for next Friday and bring them along to re-gift and burden another friend’s fridge, I’m here to tell you that you have some better options that don’t leave others questioning the quality of your friendship . While these awful lagers may never find themselves in a fancy flight tasting lineup at the brewery, we can find a spot for them to shine gloriously in your kitchen.

Let’s get to it:

Beer Soup, & More

1. Beer caramelized onions

Picture this: Homemade pizza topped with beer caramelized onions and some Gouda! Make that happen. Start with 1 tbsp Butter melted in a pan on medium low, add in a large yellow onion, sliced thinly, and pour in 2-3 oz of beer. When the liquid is nearly absorbed add 2-3 oz more, and so on.

Also great on a burger, by which I mean veggie burger.

2. Beer Soup

Picture this: Venison stew tips, seared and added to a hearty crockpot of chopped vegetables, diced tomatoes, a chug of broth, and a heaping lump of ground ginger, simmered for an hour or two and then finished with…beer!

3. Beer batter pretzel

Picture this: Tearing off pieces of warm salty dough with a crisp lager bite. Dip that in some spicy mustard and enjoy. My favorite personal recorded batch of the beer pretzel used Yuengling Black & Tan, but I recall that the recipe called for a lager, so grab a can of the cheap stuff and make some dough.


In conclusion and with all finality, take note that nowhere herein have I advised to drink the beer. 

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