Long Game


Oooweee! It’s so exciting to watch these strawberry plants settle in and and make themselves at home here at Enka:ri Farm. The white flowers with bright yellow berry-shaped centers easily stand out against a background of soil and greenery. It’s bittersweet to see them, because though I could leave them there to turn into sweet juicy berries this month, the long game must prevail- the plants need to put their energy into establishing a strong root system to have big beautiful berries next year.  So once in a while I stroll through the berry patch and pluck pluck pluck. Boring.

This whole perennial game is tough! Fortunately, my generation is known for its disinterest in instant gratification, and I’ll muscle through: pulling flowers off of fruit bushes and watching asparagus stalks fan out un-plucked. It hurts my sweet tooth, but it must be done! The age-old wise words of Ice Cube comfort me in this time and I remind myself that “Life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon.”

Anyhoo, thank goodness for watermelons. Their 90 day maturation seems like a snap compared to the plum trees and blueberries tortoise-ing along.

Eat Well!



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