Merry Scary


On Christmas morning I shuffled into my mom’s house and kicked off my snowy boots. I noticed a giant scarecrow laying on the couch, covered up to its neck with a blanket and thought nothing of it. The grandkids are here, surely they tucked in this scarecrow last night before heading off to bed themselves.

Alas, to my surprise, this was a gift for me, ‘wrapped up’ and ready to go to the farm. Of all the items on the checklist to ready the farm for spring: seeds, tools, irrigation… the vital resident scarecrow hadn’t even crossed my mind. Thankfully, mom was focused on the details, and I pity the crow who dares come near this formidable beast.

I did tell everyone present not to be surprised if, come busy July, I borrow these overalls sometime when I run out of clean pants…




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