Favorite Salad Toppings

Salad Recipe?! Who needs a salad recipe?! Don’t be insulted, I don’t think that poorly of you. I’m sure you can do this all on your own, but if I may say, I’m entirely certain that I feel more confident dressing a salad to impress than dressing myself for a similar purpose. So, there I was one sunny afternoon, dolling up some greenery for a little snack and I snapped a couple pics to show you what I got. Therefore, I suggest you stock up on these delicious toppings to have a stellar salad every day:

Favorite Salad Toppings

  French lentils: these cook up quickly, in about 10 minutes. They are a delicate protein option with a mild flavor. Cook a cup of dried french lentils on Sunday, and you’ll have enough to add some to your daily salad serving all week long.   Nutritional Yeast is next. You can find this at places like Lori’s Natural Foods, made by the “life extension specialists” at Bragg’s. Nutritional yeast is rich in B vitamins, which are suggested to be lacking in vegetarian diets. I call Nutritional Yeast “cheesy nutty,” as in, “Ooh pass me the cheesy nutty, I need to top off this leafy greeny with that yummy tasty!” Next up, flaxseed meal. Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fiber, this flaky dust of deliciousness also has a mildly nutty flavor and I enjoy when it soaks up some balsamic vinegar on the bottom of the bowl. Don’t forget the Bottom-of-the-bag tortilla chips. Crunchy, salty, I find them far more enjoyable than a rock-hard crouton to dress up a bowl of greenery. That’s all I have for pictures from this one sunny day, but the list goes on: dried cranberries; raw shredded beets, daikon, or even sweet potatoes; sesame or sunflower seeds; yesterday’s leftover rice! And on and on into salad topping oblivion, until you can’t even see the  lettuce bed below, until you can’t even remember what it was you started out with that needed a topping in the first place, until you end up topping your toppings with salad greens and have to start this infinitesimal cycle over again! But then, indubitably, we still need a dressing for this poetic mess. To be continued…

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